Beer battered Fish & Chips $10

Potato Skins $10

Napoli Sauce, Bacon, Onion & Cheese

Satay Chicken sml $10 lge $15

Chicken, Onion, Capsicum, Spring Onion, mushrooms, carrot & Satay Sauce

Snity Burger $10

Chicken Schnitzel, Bacon, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce & Mayo

Clarky Burger $10

Chicken Schnitzel, Bacon, Cheese Fried Egg & Mayo

Nuggets & Chips $10

Chips sml $4 lge $6


Tomato & Garlic sml $10 lge $15

Tomato Meat Lovers sml $12 lge $18

BBQ Meat Lovers sml $12 lge $18

Hawaiian sml $12 lge $18

Supreme sml $12 lge $18

Vegetarian sml $12 lge $18

BBQ Chicken sml $12 lge $18  

Spicy Chicken and Pork Chipotle sml $14 lge $21

Garlic Prawn sml $15 lge $22


Specializing in catering for seasonal workers, we are Deloraine's premium choice for backpacker accommodation with single rooms, double rooms, and dorm rooms, with shared facilities, all on offer.

With two 3 bedroom, self contained accommodation units available, we offer short term, as well as long term worker accommodation, with the provision of meals available, upon request.